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Want to be able to look at cricket in a different view as to just the scoreline that has been achieved? Want to be able to look at the data that comes from the sport and be able to interpret it in a different way?

Total Cricket Analysis was born out of a desire to be able to provide more than the standard cricket articles that could be found on the internet and a keenness to be able to teach everyone what the data actually means, rather than just being able to see it on a page.

We strive to bring a truly unique experience to all cricket lovers with the content that we produce, providing detailed articles that provide you, our readers, with an educational and informative outlook on how well certain teams and individuals have been able to do.

It does not matter if you are a fan of the traditional test format, or if you prefer the limited-overs game, we guarantee that we have articles to satisfy all demands and provide a new way of thinking.

We will bring you articles that aim to give you all the latest news and opinions from the sport, whilst also giving you a detailed analytical look at a number of different aspects within cricket, whilst remaining educational and informative.

Total Cricket Analysis contains articles about matches, before and after they have been played as we aim to teach you how each team could look to play against their opponent as they look to get the edge over their opponents in which every format of the game is being played.

Our authors will also look at players individually and in great detail, as we pinpoint certain aspects of their game and how they look to consistently perform the best. Taking a closer look at batters, bowlers and fielders, there are no stones unturned.

Interested in contributing to Total Cricket Analysis with some of the highest analytical pieces that the sport deserves? Then why not come and join us by applying to write for us and getting your opinions and views heard by our large audience of readers!

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