The Sri Lankan National Men’s cricket team, nicknamed The Lions, has taken many recent criticisms. From under-performance to mismanagement and corruption the team has gone through a lot in recent times.

The team won a World Cup in 1996 and the Champions Trophy in 2002. Also, continuing as a raging force in international cricket they reached the finals of the 2007 and 2011 World Cups consecutively but without winning and settling as runners-up.

Sri Lanka has the impression of developing some of the greatest talents in cricket. From dominating in cricket, the team has lost its charm over the years.

Observing the data over the past few years it is seen that post the year 2015, the fact that Sri Lankan teams struggle to win against different cricket-playing nations in white-ball cricket is a major concern for everyone.

Over the years we have witnessed some of the best batsmen and bowlers competing against world-class teams along with their out-of-the-ordinary performances.

In this particular analysis, we will be looking at data over the years and comparing and see if we can see any change in the performance of the Sri Lankan players. Looking back at data over a decade and analyzing it, we will observe if there is a rise in momentum in their recent performance.

Now, let us have a look at the graphical representation of the data for T20 cricket that we have collected – considering the number of total T20 matches played since 2010.

The rising momentum of Sri Lanka in White ball cricket analysis stats data
Sri Lanka’s performance in T-20 over the years graph

Sri Lanka has played 45 T20s from the period of 2010-15. Winning in 29 out of 45 with a win percentage of 64%, they fared well enough until this period in T20 cricket.

If we consider data for the next period of play that is from 2016-21, it is seen that they have comparatively appeared for more matches (65) while winning only 19 – which is way less if compared to the performances of the previous period of play. The win percentage for this period of play in the T20s is thus 29%.

Now, let us have a look at the graphical representation of Sri Lanka’s ODI stats over the past few years.

The rising momentum of Sri Lanka in White ball cricket analysis stats data
Performance of Sri Lanka in ODI graph

It is seen that from the period of 2016-18, the Lions have played 64 ODIs and winning only 17. These are pretty bad statistics when we compare to a team of such calibre which used to follow great success in cricket. With a win percentage of 26% only for the above-mentioned period, the Lions are no longer seen to be roaring as they did in the past.

Also, if we look at stats for the current period that is from 2019-21, it is seen that they have played for 38 ODIs while winning 14 with a win percentage of 36.

If we consider their performance in the recent ODIs we can see an uprise in the overall performance in white-ball cricket. The win percentage is also seen to be improving compared to the previous 17 wins playing 64 ODIs- which is huge.


The exposure to ODI cricket for Sri Lanka can be seen diminishing if we consider recent stats, but also an uprise in the momentum can be seen. The recent win in the ODI series against South Africa is a huge achievement for the current team and thus a sense of the rise in their performance can be observed.

Also, Sri Lanka can be seen struggling with the shortest format of white-ball cricket.

Sri Lanka over time has been able to produce some quality cricketers who have left a mark in the history of international cricket. But, looking at their performance data it is seen that they have been struggling to cope up with the cricketing nations, thus degrading their quality of game-play.

This is a matter of concern for the fans as well as for legends in Sri Lankan cricket which we can know from the various comments that they have put across against the under-performing team.

This might be due to the many criticisms that are there against the management who is controlling the game of cricket in Sri Lanka. With the rising graph of performance considering their recent stats and win in ODI cricket, we can expect some positive outcomes from the Sri Lankan cricket in the upcoming years.