In the decades since India became the sixth nation to be granted Test Status in 1932, the country’s cricket obsession has been gaining momentum. Today, a huge number of people around the world have gained a sense of admiration for astounding Indian cricketers in all formats.

Indian cricketers hold legendary world records that inspire awe in cricket fans the world over, and the Indian teams and players behind them have doubtlessly won much acclaim on the world stage. This has led to the Indian Premier League, a Twenty20 tournament, becoming the biggest cricketing league in the world, evidenced by how crypto betting sites of 2022 saw a huge amount of wagers being made on the 2022 IPL.

To commemorate the many achievements of India in the world of cricket, below you will find a few of the most noteworthy Indian cricketers to have claimed and held world records — some that have yet to be beaten to this day.

  1. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Known as India’s best-ever batsman, Sachin Ramesh “Master Blaster” Tendulkar takes the top spot on our list. Tendulkar is known for scoring the highest number of centuries in his entire career, with 51 and 49 centuries in Test cricket and One Day internationals, respectively. It’s no wonder that many cricket fans know him as the “God of Cricket.”

Tendulkar rode roughshod over opposing bowlers throughout his career and was known for his straight drives. The apex of his career was in 2011 when he led his team to claim the ICC Cricket World Cup. 

In total, the Master Blaster personally scored an incredible 482 runs with a 54-batting average over 200 Test Matches for India, totaling almost 16,000 runs. 

  1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is one of the most, if not the most, cherished captains the Indian Cricket Team has ever had. He holds the record for being the fastest batsman to reach 10- and 11-thousand ODI cricket runs when he set the milestones for the 205th and 222nd innings. More than being an incredible Indian batsman, he may be the greatest batsman in the entire history of the game, as no one else has been able to surpass his achievement in averaging above 50 in all three formats.

As a bowler, Kohli holds the world record of taking a wicket with an astonishing 0 balls! What’s more, with his perfectly timed innings, he is potentially also the best chaser of all time.

  1. Rahul Sharad Dravid

Dravid holds a ‘not-out’ record in 286 Test innings while having faced 31,258 balls in Test cricket. Playing as a fielder, Dravid holds the record for the most catches: 210 in 164 Test cricket matches. He is also one of India’s finest batsmen; his performance at the 2001 Border-Gavaskar Series in Kolkata, where he batted alongside VVS Laxman for an entire day, was truly memorable. Indeed, he’s likely one of the main reasons India took the victory then.

Dravid is not to be measured by his personal accomplishments alone, either; he also holds the record for most century partnerships at 88 matches. More than that, over the course of his career, he spent over 44,000 minutes (or 735 hours!) on the field —among the longest track records of any Indian cricketer. 

However, he is not without his weaknesses, namely his pace bowling. It’s notable that he could never quite build enough momentum during his plays in Australia or in South Africa.


India is truly a powerhouse in the field of modern cricket, regardless of which format is being discussed. This is true mainly because of the legacy that the country’s amazing players have created and continue to foster. This list is, by no means, exhaustive, and one certainty is that India will be setting many more Cricket world records in the years to come.