Cricket is a popular sport in England, but not many people know it. Only true fans of the sport can get to know Cricket better. Even so, Cricket is also a betting sport at Fun88 for those who are willing to learn and research because it is not as popular as football so the chances of winning with large odds are very high.

About Cricket – Rules of play, number of players per team and gameplay:

This is a ball sport that takes place on a circular lawn. In each match there will be 2 teams, each team with 11 players and divided into 2 games, each game has 11 smaller games. The two teams will take turns serving and batting. If all players on the serving team are disqualified, that team will switch to batting and the other team will enter the service court. The scoring in the game will depend on which ball is hit more accurately and the more runs.

Basically, this is a sport with a high quality of exercise and a very high recreational value. Cricket fans are also very passionate about watching each match progress and the way both teams play and score. If you do not know this sport, you can check it out because maybe you will become the next fan of it.

Score calculation:

  • Running from one end of the field of the field to the level of the other three cylinders: 1 point
  • Hit the ball to the edge of the field: 4 points
  • Hit the ball without touching the ground, flying out of bounds (including into the stands): 6 points
  • Rules of online cricket betting Fun88:
  • In the event that the venue is changed from the original schedule then all bets are void.
  • If a match is suspended or postponed but resumed within 12 hours then the relevant handicap bets are still valid. If more than 12 hours, All bets made at Fun88 will be void.
  • In case the match is postponed or cancelled due to objective reasons such as earthquake, fire, explosion … then the bets will have no action and the dealer will return the bet to the player.
  • If a match results in a tie but the dealer offered by Fun88 without this handicap then all relevant bets will be void.
  • Tips to bet and win:
  • You need to keep track of the match conditions, see if the match may be canceled due to weather problems or not.
  • You need to track and compare the odds of different bookmakers in order to make the most accurate decision when placing your bet. Since cricket bets are not so many, you can definitely find good odds in a short time.
  • You need to record the results of the big games, as well as the good players, to synthesize and make the most accurate analysis when placing your bets.
  • International tournaments: ICC Intercontinental Cup, ICC World Cricket League Championship, ICC Champions Trophy, Independence Cup, Ireland Tri-Nation Series, World Cricket League Africa Region, European Cricket Championship, South American Cricket Championship, Triple Crown Tournament, Women’s International Cricket Competition.
  • Talented players: Virat Kohli (India), Steve Smith (Australia), Abraham Benjamin de Villiers (South Africa), Joseph Edward Root (UK), David Andrew Warner (Australia), Benjamin Andrew Ben Stokes (New Zealand), Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (India) India), Kane Stuart Williamson (New Zealand), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India), Ricky Thomas Ponting (Australia).


If you find it interesting in this cricket, please Register a Fun88 account now to join us in betting. While this game is not that popular, it is still worth a try if you want to diversify your betting style. We look forward to your feedback and sharing when placing bets in this game so that the Fn88pro article is full of information and becomes clearer. Wish you success and big win.