If you are a fan of cricket, there are many different ways you can embrace the sport. Of course, the obvious starting point is by watching live games. However, there are always going to be lulls whereby no cricket is being played.

During these periods, you can watch tapes of old cricket matches. Nevertheless, another fun option is to bet on Simulated Reality League Cricket. 

If you have never heard of SRL cricket before, this is basically virtual cricket, where people bet on the outcomes of a simulated computer-generated game of cricket. This is a fun way to keep an interest in the sport while there are not any live cricket matches happening. 

You can never guarantee that you are going to back the winner in a simulated cricket game. After all, you could match the same team against each other 10 times, and you won’t always get the same outcome. This is because SRL cricket is not purely a stats comparison exercise, but a simulated version of events.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that you cannot put the odds in your favour. Learning stats is one of the most effective ways of getting better at SRL cricket. To get a better understanding of how cricket statistics relate to the Simulated Reality League next game that you play, read on to discover more. 

Statistics and past performances have an influence on SRL cricket

If you spend some time getting up to speed with the latest cricket statistics and facts, it is a great way of giving yourself a better chance of making the right betting selections when playing SRL cricket. 

The reason for this is that the outcome of a virtual cricket event will take cricket statistics and facts into account. An algorithm will be used, which will incorporate assessing past trends and behaviour, to come out with the most likely result. 

Therefore, if you have a good knowledge of the current players, their statistics, and team stats, you will give yourself the best chance of making a good selection. Even if a player switches teams, the virtual game will account for this, and so past statistics are relevant no matter where the player is currently.

However, this is not a foolproof approach. It is not a simple case of adding up all of the statistics and choosing the most likely outcome each and every time. This is because simulation and virtual games are not purely aggregated based on the data and what is going to be the most likely result. 

Instead, you could play two cricket teams against one another on 10 separate occasions, and there are going to be some deviations in the results when it comes to SRL cricket. 

Therefore, you need to remember that learning stats is not the answer to getting things right each and every time. However, it will give you heaps of knowledge that is required so that you can make educated choices and give yourself the best chance of success.

Get better at SRL cricket by learning statistics

We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of how you can get better at SRL cricket by learning some statistics.

Of course, it is vital to stress that there are no guarantees. The outcome of a virtual game is not purely going to be based on past statistics. However, knowing more about the game is definitely going to enable you to put the odds more in your favour.