India’s victory over Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup Super 4 stage match was indeed a thrilling encounter. Kuldeep Yadav’s exceptional performance with the ball was a key factor in India’s success. He not only played a crucial role in restricting Sri Lanka but also achieved a significant personal milestone during the tournament. Kuldeep Yadav became the fastest Indian spinner to reach 150 ODI wickets, highlighting his growing stature as one of India’s premier spin bowlers. His consistency and ability to take wickets make him a valuable asset for the Indian cricket team.

Kuldeep Yadav’s performance in the Asia Cup has been nothing short of spectacular. His back-to-back impressive performances against Pakistan and Sri Lanka showcased his skill and impact as a spin bowler. Taking 5 wickets against Pakistan and 4 wickets against Sri Lanka are clear indications of his match-winning abilities. What sets Kuldeep apart is his ability to consistently hit the right areas and use his variations effectively, making it challenging for batsmen to read his deliveries.

Kuldeep’s Stats Saga: Unveiling the Secrets to His Success

Kuldeep Yadav’s influence on India’s triumphs becomes even more pronounced when you delve into his performance in matches that the team has won and lost. In the 18 matches where India emerged victorious, Kuldeep has been a major game-changer, amassing a remarkable 38 wickets. What makes this even more impressive is his superb economy rate of 4.65 and an average of 17.8. These statistics signify his capability to not only take wickets but also maintain control over the run rate, proving his worth in securing wins for the Indian team.

Conversely, when India has faced defeat in 4 matches, Kuldeep’s numbers are less remarkable. In these losses, he has managed to secure only 5 wickets, with a slightly higher economy rate of 5.07 and an average of 27.4. This disparity in his performance between wins and losses underscores his pivotal role in determining the outcomes of matches.

Kuldeep Yadav’s performance in the first and second innings of matches reveals an interesting trend. In the second innings, when he has bowled with the opposition chasing, he has been particularly effective. Since 2022, across 11 matches in the second innings, Kuldeep has scalped an impressive 24 wickets at an economy rate of 4.70 and an average of 16.6. His standout performance in this scenario was a memorable 5/25 against Pakistan.

Conversely, when bowling in the first innings of matches, Kuldeep has still been a valuable asset. In 11 such matches, he has claimed 19 wickets with an economy rate of 4.73 and an average of 21.8. His best figures in this situation were 4/6. These stats underline his adaptability and effectiveness regardless of whether India is batting or bowling first, making him a versatile asset for the team.


Kuldeep Yadav is an undeniably vital member of Team India. The statistics shown above demonstrate his major contribution to India’s victory, particularly when he performed in the second innings. Looking ahead, India will rely on Kuldeep Yadav to keep up his remarkable form and consistency. With his skills, versatility, and knack for breaking through, he remains an important figure in India’s bowling arsenal, providing the team with both experience and the capacity to swing the tide of matches in their favour.